We Like

We appreciate the welcome and availability of Annie Sauvat who explains how she produces her wines : "close to the fruit" for the "Demoiselles", "not too woody" for the wine aged in barrels. We like also the mix of genres (wine and art), the possibility to visit the vineyards and the proposed activities.

As well as discovering quality products, some of which are unusual such as hay jam which is good with "foie gras"", you can also visit the feudal castle which dominates the Ailloux valley. But do not forget to ring the bell for someone to open the door.

Close to the house, this is the restaurant where we ate during the renovation of the gîte. A friendly atmosphere, traditional home cooking. A very affordable lunch menu, a good idea for holidays when you don't want to cook.

Le volcan de Lemptegy à St-Ours-les-Roches

La Maison de la pierre à Volvic

Site troglodyte de Jonas à St-Pierre-Colamine

Le château de Murol à Murol

Le parc animalier d'Auvergne à Ardes sur Couze

Le studio Ma Peau Ze'...N à Issoire